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Angry Re: new guy,out of the loop

I am also REALLY big into shooting sports,and if my health will allow me I would like to start competing in IDPA,or IPSIG this year,the big IF,is my health.I could move one of my Wilson Combat guns,and it would buy a pretty nice receiverJust not ready to sell any of my "children" yet,as the health issues kinda decimated my pistol collection,and I kept just my favorites.
OR sell the Hot Rod,damn,I have way too many hobbies that are expensive,for a guy who will most likely be on disability the rest of my life,and that is very depressing.
Anyway, what are the good/bad issues with the upper end Marantz equipment?I have always liked the look of thir stuff,not that looks matter a whole lot,but I just dont like ugly equipment.

thanks for all the guidance and opinions so far

Greg K
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