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Talking Re: new guy,out of the loop

I think I just fel in love with the new Marantz 8002 LOL.There are just a few of the capabilities/terms I am not familiar with,The quick little review at the top of the section about sold me on it.With all the new tech coming out so fast,the niche market stuff like Rotel,NAD just cant keep up,its hard to fight the bigger companies with their almost unlimited R&D money etc.I looked at the new Rotel offerings,and their flagship pre/pro hasnt changed much,and their newest recievers big claim to fame is only adding HDMI as far as I could tell.
Seems to me,the way to go is the big reciever once again,instead of separates,unless you have crazy amounts of cash,even then,I am not sure feature for feature the separates can hang in there,there is just way too much new technology hitting all at once.
A few years of not keeping track of whats going on HT wise ,and its easy to get lost fast.
Whats your opinions on the newer Marantz offerings?Second and third zone stuff does nothing for me,but it appears about all the upper end recievers have it.


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