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Default New High Performance iPod-device Docking Station from Krell for the Holidays

Krell announced has just received Apple, Inc. certification for the KID, the newest addition to the Krell product line-up. The KID, which stands for Krell Interface Dock, is a high performance docking station designed specifically for the iPod-device. Krell plans to start shipping the product from its Connecticut factory to its audio salons for sale in November, just in time for the holidays.

Plug and Play Features:
Listeners will appreciate the “plug and play features” of the KID. Plug the component into the wall outlet, insert the iPod-device, and play your music. Immediately, the listener has an exceptional Krell source driving their high performance music system, without a complicated setup. Immediately, the iPod-device output is fully adjustable via remote control and can be sonically fine-tuned beyond the capabilities of any other iPod-device player. Immediately, due to the technological advances within the KID, the music sounds better.

Technically Speaking:
In audio techno-speak the KID is an a/v source, but think of it as similar to a CD player.
The KID enables listeners to play the iPod-device through their high-end audio systems with enhanced sound, superior to any other iPod-device player. Treble and bass controls enable the listener to adjust the sound to their liking.

Krell uses balanced audio technology in all their high-end audio components, and has employed this high-end technology in the KID. Inside the component, balanced audio separates the audio signal into plus and minus connections in order to better reject noise from the sound. Other Krell technology exhibited in the KID include: balanced, differential, Class A circuitry; a 256-step custom taper volume control; opto-isolated digital connections; balanced and single-ended audio outputs; composite and S-video outputs; a RS-232 control for connection to a controller, and a full-function remote. The KID remote control allows the listener to cycle through their song (or video) collection, adjust bass and treble tone and volume level, and emulate all iPod-device functions. At rest, the KID also charges the iPod battery.

More KID Stuff"
Although the KID can be used with almost any amplifier, Krell has created a special amplifier for it, the Papa Dock, which delivers 150-watts-per-channel of high-quality amplification. The KID docks in a cradle notched into the Papa Dock.

Dan D’Agostino and High Performance Audio"
The creator of the KID and Papa Dock products is Dan D’Agostino, C.E.O. and Chief Designer of Krell Industries, Inc. Krell is known amongst audiophiles for superior audio component designs, and has won countless awards for its products. A longstanding fan of the iPod-device, Dan wanted to design an interface dock built to Krell standards, for the enjoyment of music lovers and owners of high performance audio systems.

Where to Buy:
The KID, retailing at $1500, is available through the Krell distributors worldwide, and
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