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Default Re: Breaking in my Revel Salon2's!!!!!

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
47 million units of Thriller sold.

Steve Lukather on guitar. N'dugu Chandler on drums. Quincy Jones producing and a guest appearance by Eddy Van Halen.

Musically - it doesn't get any better.
Sorry kenny, got to go with jerry on this one. Quincy unquestionably is the man. And to me, still has not got his full do. He has a habit of touching someones music, and it all turns to gold. Quincy, is definitely someone that should have been re-mixed on SACD and DVD-A. But, those who make these decisions, there taste in music..................

And as far as Mike goes, if we chose our music by what our artist did personally, our collections will dwindle.
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