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Default Re: Many Players Need Firmware Update To Play Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray

I don`t get it. DAvid, the deal is this. First, no one is attacking Blu-Ray on purpose, or has any particular bias to it. What is amazing to me, is, that you can not see the inherent problems with all of this. Are you just having this discussion, just to banter back and forth.

We are talking about just playing a movie. Thats all, nothing else. It doesn`t matter whether your a audio/videophile, or Best Buy type customer. No one should be expected to deal with this update foolishness to play a movie. Some how though, you believe we (high end) should, why is that? That makes no good sense. Anyone should be able to buy or rent a movie, and expect to watch it immediately after they get home.

Maybe your one of those audio/videophiles that enjoys tweaking every piece of equipment, before listening. The equipment is a means to an end. And that is to listen, watch, or both to a point of enjoyment and pleasure. I really do not what else to say about this matter.

Similarly, no question that these type of issues if magnified, will continue to keep others out of the high end for good. Which is not good for growth or business.
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