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Default Re: Many Players Need Firmware Update To Play Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray

By even suggesting that even "old discs might not play", your statements are wandering into completely undocumented, unsubstantiated fear-mongering. We might as well claim that Toshiba's new HD DVD player "might not play all existing discs" and defend it the same way... that absolute proof can't be offered to refute it.

If you're going to take on the authority of a moderator, please post responsibly, and keep away from sensationalizing and misleading comments. Call the difficult points into question for everyone to consider: such as you have done with the issue of possibly needing firmware updates to play new profile-1.1 discs. But please keep your comments within a reasonable framework, or apply arbirtrary criticism equally to both formats if it's the practice of this forum to not require any substantiaing data to promote any negative claim.
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