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Default Are any of these speakers particularly forgiving of room placement?

I've posted this on other forums and, while I have gotten some interesting responses, I have not gotten the information I hope to get from asking my questions. If you've read this elsewhere before, I apologize for the duplication. Also, this is an inquiry only about a two-channel application; I could care less about 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, or 9.1, even if I had a room and a wife that would support them!

I have a horrible listening room. There is no wall space, but there is lots of furniture in the middle of the room. The speakers have to go on the side of the room that has a bay window, flanking a table, with my equipment cabinet off to one side on the left facing wall and a built-in bookcase on the other side on the right facing wall. There actually is a sofa between the speakers and the sweet spot. As I said, it's just horrible and no speaker can do its best in that environment.

Until recently, I had powered Infinity Intermezzo 2.6's and a matching sub. All things considered, they did well, since the speakers were mounted on stands high enough for them to play "over" the couch. Unfortunately, though, they did not mate so well with the sub (which was between the right speaker and the built-in bookshelf), nor my old-fashioned electrical system, which frequently blew out their internal electrical components every time my wife ran the microwave while her mother ironed, even though the speakers all were plugged into a power conditioner. I have moved them to a second home where they won't be subject to such peaks and power failures.

Because of the subwoofer mating issues, I now am looking for floorstanding speakers that don't care so much about where they are located. Ideally, they would not have internal amplification, would have their tweeters at a height (say 40 inches) that would give them a fighting chance over the furniture, and would not be wider than about fourteen inches (the width of the Infinities on stands).

Here are products sold in San Francisco (where I reside) in which I have been interested and that might fit into the space physically. If anyone has experience with these particular products, it would be great to know if you found them very sensitive to room placement, not so much to sound their best, but, rather, to sound at least adequate without a lot of fussing:

Revel F32 and F12
Gallo Acoustics Reference 3.1
Definitive Technology ST (although powered)
Totem (several models in my price range)
Triangle (several models in my price range)
Dali (several models in my price range)
NHT Classic Fours
Silverline Preludes

Amplification is a Musical Fidelity A5 integrated. Sources are vinyl and digital. Budget is around three or four grand a pair. Thanks for your help.
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