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Default Re: Best movies for Halloween chills?

Here's a film that often gets overlooked that stars Vincent Price: "Witchfinder General" (1968), aka "The Conqueror Worm", which is shockingly violent for it's time. A really good haunted house flick is "The Changeling" (George C. Scott). And if you like reincarnation movies, try to find "The Reincarnation of Peter Proud" (1975). "Black Sabbath" (1964) is a good ole-fashioned scare flick with Boris Karloff introducing the stories.

I'm another major fan of the original "Creepshow" and my favorite out of the stories in it is "Something To Tide You Over" with a nasty Leslie Nielsen who has Ted Danson buried up to his neck in beach sand. Not only is this movie just plain fun to watch, the music score is excellent as well. "The Crate" and "Father's Day" are two other classic segments in that movie. I've read that there's gonna be a new Creepshow coming out next year but it may be fully animated.

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