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Default Re: Many Players Need Firmware Update To Play Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray


how can you moderate this forum and be so grossly misinformed?

1) This new feature set for BDJ is not currently supported by players already on the market. That means old discs may not work in the new players, and new discs may not work in old players.
No. All old discs will play in all new players. However, as you say, some new discs might not play in older players without the application of a firmware upgrade.

2) Old players weren't mandated to have Ethernet ports on them, (like the HD DVD spec)... which means that the only way to upgrade the players is from a special disc, or by sending the player back to the manufacturer. YIKES!
All manufacturers thus far have offered firmware updates that can be burned to CD/DVD for updating if no ethernet port is provided. In many cases you can download an image file and burn it to CD via the web (a few manufacturers are mailing customers the update-CD/DVD for free). No one has had to send a unit to a factory for firmware updating. Anyone who bought a BD player without an internet port should have known they were buying a reduced featureset. It's one of the reasons, as an early adoptor, I chose the PS3 instead. All of this being said, I do agree that the BD group should have required internet connectivity on all hardware. Of course, just having a port on a device doesn't mean that someone has a LAN cable running to that room of the house (but it's a good first step by requiring it on the player). I'm sure in the future we'll see internet connectivity become defacto on BD hardware despite the optional clause. I'm sure no early adoptor, well aware of the evolving BD spec, expected his/her early-generation BD player to provide a full featureset.

p.s. sadly, the ethernet port on HD DVD players won't necessarily provide 51GB tri-layer compatibility. Nothing is fool-proof.

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