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Default Re: Many Players Need Firmware Update To Play Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray

As you probably already know... this "problem" extends to many players already in people's homes... AND many of the other new discs that will be coming out.

When the Blu-ray Disc Association mandated that all players released after October 31, 2007 must support a new feature set for BD-Java (the technology that enables "extra features" like movie commentary and picture-in-picture), they were well aware of the "backward compatibility" issues.

1) This new feature set for BDJ is not currently supported by players already on the market. That means old discs may not work in the new players, and new discs may not work in old players.

2) Old players weren't mandated to have Ethernet ports on them, (like the HD DVD spec)... which means that the only way to upgrade the players is from a special disc, or by sending the player back to the manufacturer. YIKES!

(PS: As in "PS"-3, the most popular Blu-ray player, already has an Ethernet port and gets regular firmware updates.)

Are we having FUN yet?

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