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Thumbs down NBC=Greedy pricks!!

I could barely believe my ears when I heard this on Buzz out loud.
You've got to read this story, NBC wanted a share of the iPods profits!!
Many of you may have heard that NBC pulled all their shows off iTunes a while back when they couldn't reach an agreement, if I was Steve Jobs I would have laughed them out of my office.

"Apple sold millions of dollars worth of hardware off the back of our content and made a lot of money," Zucker reportedly told The New Yorker's Ken Auletta during a benefit for former football powerhouse Syracuse University. "They did not want to share in what they were making off the hardware or allow us to adjust pricing."
This is the president of a company that made 16 BILLION Dollars profit last year saying this!

Can you imagine the nerve of this guy!?
Now I'm no Apple fanboy, I don't own any Apple products (yet) but this is just beyond belief.
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