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Yet another to chime in on this subject. I've been involved in A/V professionally for upwards of 30 years. I own a Runco projector in my theater. They represent the Mercedes Benz of video, (in my humble opinion!). In my master bedroom, there hangs a Vizio 42" plasma, purchased from Costco for $1499.00. At the time, even using my industry connections, there was nothing that could touch it price-wise, and for the use it gets, absolutely good enough for what it's for.

I've just recently completed an outdoor kitchen project in my backyard and hung a Vizio 32" lcd out there. Again purchased from Costco, after researching all available industry connections. Hard to argue a 32" tv for $599 with a 2 year warranty that will hang in my backyard! I connected a straight in feed from my Comcast cable, and I get a good picture on the standard cable channels and an even better picture from the digital channels.

Is it reference quality? Of course not. But it sure gets the job done!
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