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Default Why I am a MAC user or Why PC's blow!

Seven years ago I needed a new computer, and XP had just come out to a host of compatibility issues, so I elected to buy a MAC. I used to hate MACs, but gave in as I wanted it for digital music, video, and all the other stuff, internet/ spread sheets, you get the drift.

Well, somethings are best run in PC, and so I elected to buy a cheap laptop today for another potable computer and to solve some minor issues I've ben having with firmware updates for my Blu-ray players.

No big deal right? Buy the notebook, set it up.... It won't connect to my wireless network. It won't connect to the two other wireless networks in my home. I called tech support, they left me on hold for over 20 minutes then I got disconnected.

Call back, go through the whole story of what I did again.... They finally transfer me to a network specialist. Now check this out, this thing won't connect wirelessly, when wired to my router, or when directly wired to the cable modem and their tech support cannot make it work, so I get transfered.

The first thing they then tell me is it's $59.95/hour one hour minimum to troubleshoot the laptop!

Sorry guys the thing will go back before I spend $60 more on it!
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