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Thumbs up Re: Breaking in my Revel Salon2's!!!!!

Originally Posted by J.J. View Post
I'm impressed, or surprised, that Jerry and other audiophiles on this site actually listen to GnR and other hard rock/metal. I love it myself, but a lot of the audiophile magazines etc. usually refer to classical music.

I myself enjoy hearing the purity of a good voice through a great system, but real world music/movies is what I spend most of my time listening to.

It's nice to hear from some audio geeks that are more like me!!!
Yes, you are not the only one. It has always amazed me that when you go to these shows, hardly any real music is played. That was what was so surprising at HE2007 in the Pioneer Room (TAD speakers), analog reel to reel master tapes of jazz and some classical, great stuff

And the KEF room, surprising great classic and comtemporary jazz. I enjoyed that immensely. And even in the Bel Canto room, nice music.
I listen to mostly classic jazz and comtemporary jazz, some gospel and classical, and older soft rock. Chicago, Yes, Rare Earth, Blood, Sweat and Tears. And Jimi. But, we have real world guys in kennyt and Jerry.
Thank God.
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