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Cool Spiderman 3 on Blu-Ray

I picked up the Spiderman Trilogy box set today, It played with no problems on my PS3 with software version 1.93 that was released over a month ago.

I got the box set at BB, usually I get my Blu-Ray movies at Amazon because it's much cheaper (up to $10 on single movies) but there was only a couple of $ difference so I went ahead & picked it up.
There was a couple of surprises for me when I got to BB.
First off the point of sale display boxes that are at the front of the store included the Blu-Ray discs (both the movie & trilogy box set) as well as the DVD's for the first time that I had ever seen.
I got there less than an hour after they opened because they usually only have a few of the new releases so you have to get there early but this time there was more than 50 of the trilogy box sets & 70 of the S3 movie on the shelves, I've never seen that many of any single Blu-Ray movie title before.
I'm thinking this could set all time sales records for Blu-Ray movies!
They also doubled the shelf space for Blu-Ray movies & added a couple of end caps with Blu-Rays.

Hopefully between Spidey 3 & the new "I am Blu" ads sales will start picking up!
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