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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

Bam Bam,

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I don't know if I would expect as much of an improvement in sound running regular wire in wall and then connecting to high end wire from amp to wall and wall to speaker, but I have never tried it. As for how to finish it at the wall. I for one find it SO much nicer looking to put a binding plate into the wall and connect your speaker wires to the plate. This also allows you some flexibility down the road should you want to move speakers. FWIW If you run that wire in the walls, all you would need to do is buy some extra and make cables to go from your speaker to the plates.

IF you want to go truly sick, Transparent makes a reference level in wall speaker cable.... It ain't cheap, but FWIU it is as good as their regular reference cable.

I for one run wire out in the open for all the speakers in my HT but I need to as I change things out regularly. If I was doing a full install, it all would be cleaned up and hidden away.... I am pretty lucky that my wife lets me do whatever I want with the HT... She even tolerated multiple runs of >1" thick speaker wire running in front of the fireplace for a while (Don't worry, I don't use it, I live in Florida, I am still trying to understand why all the nice homes down here have a fireplace, maybe it's just to sell to the northerners who move here. Wonder if they use them? I moved from the north...)
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