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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

if everyone is talking about the wire that they run from their amps to their speakers that is one thing. my question is what if i am running CL-3 in my walls but using different speaker cables to connect to the wall from amp and from speakers will some people say they are hearing better sound than just using one cable from amp to speaker.

I'm thinking of using this Liberty Cable ULTRACAP THX Certified 12-2P-UC-WHT In-Wall Speaker Cable

12AWG 4 Conductor

UL Listed NEC Type CL3/FT1 for In-Wall Use

OFHC Copper Construction (High Conductivity Oxygen Free Copper)

High Twist Rate for the best Sonic Quality

THX Certification

- THX Certified for Front Speakers up to 40 Feet

- THX Certified for Rear Speakers up to 80 Feet

Sequential Foot Markings

Ripcord for easy stripping of jacket

Low Capacitance only 20.4pF/Ft

DC Resistance: 1.75 Ohm/1000'

3 Bundled Rope Lay Conductor Construction

- 3 Wire Networks of 87 Strands ea.

- Total Strand Count of 261 per Conductor

0.050 Thick pressure Extruded Ultracap PVC outer Jacket

0.020 PVC Insulation

Nominal Outer Cable Diameter - 0.475

Molded Round Outer Jacket

this is because i want to bi-amp my speakers.

what i would like to know is what others are doing. does everyone install this type of wire in the walls then plug into the wall or run it through the wall as one continuous circut?
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