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Default Re: Worl HiFi Group is the new distributor for Electrocompaniet!

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Can you tell us how you got the line and what potential consumers might expect in the coming months?

Why should they buy Electro over brands that are more well known in the states like Krell, Levinson, Linn, Classe', Bel Canto etc...?
Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your questions:

You might say we acquired the Electro line by word of mouth. We had some very good friends at Kimber Kable who new us and suggested us as a possibility. I am no to allowed to divulge specifics; but there are many new products coming in the near future. One of which may be a new pre-amp processor. You will also be seeing many more dealers as time progresses. We will also have a service center available to handle repairs and upgrades.

Although Electro is not as well known in the U.S., they have been around since 1973. And considering all the changes the industry has gone through that says something. In addition Electrocompaniet should be purchased for the same reasons that one would purchase the more popular brands. Reliability, build quality, service, upgradability etc.
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