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Default Re: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer needs firmware updates as well....

I couldn't agree more tiger, I am still a hold out for Blu-ray, but every day I get closer and closer to switching sides and being a proponent of HD DVD. Now imagine I have already spent ~$3,100 on Blu-ray and HD DVD players to date. While my HD DVD players may be slower, THEY WORK! Nothing ticks me off more than going to watch a new Blu-ray (FF ROTSS for example) only to find out it doesn't play until I do updates....

My wife is a very tolerant woman who lets me do anything I want with my audio gear, for some reason, she is cursed at working it all even though it is all ran on Harmony remotes with RF relayers so it is almost completely fool proof but that's another story.

Now imagine how it looks when I can't get it to work?
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