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Default Re: Will Meridian make an HD DVD player?


I personally will be upgrading my players as better ones come out, oh wait, I've already done that three times so far and already am planning on doing it again....

Unfortunately, these players ARE being sold @ BB and people no where near as into this hobby as I are buying them and having real world problems.

That is my point, these ARE the consumers starting to buy these and need to be the consumers who have success with them in order for the format to succeed.

Face it, it three J6P's are talking, one has a Blu-ray, one an HD DVD player and one is considering buying one.... If the HD DVD guy has had no problems, while the BD guy is bitching about problems with all the new discs his kids want to watch, which one does the third guy buy?? I'd be surprised if our wining on forums such as these doesn't push more people to HD DVD for exactly this reason.

As for being fair, I am strongly in the Blu-ray camp, but my loyalty is fading as my HD DVD player WORKS, best yet, Toshiba mails me firmware updates when they are needed! No Blu-ray player I am aware of does this and I think that is bad. If they did, then J6P would just put in a disc once in a while and be fine, but making us MAC users go through the BS we have to to get these updates is a real PITA even for a tech geek like me!

Sorry.... had to rave some...
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