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Default Re: Breaking in my Revel Salon2's!!!!!


While I would have agreed with you a few years ago, one of the biggest trends in speakers has been how much quality sound people can get out of surprisingly small boxes. The Mythos ST's are pretty tall, but very slender and have a heavy granite base on the bottom. They DO have a small footprint, but absolutely rock! I had the house to myself yesterday and was airing out Iron Maiden Piece of Mind to truly sick levels and they kept it together and put out so much bass the liner notes from the CD were shaking in my hand! No kidding, for such a tiny speaker they can REALLY kick out the bass! The only potential downside is they need a power cord, but that is a really minor gripe!

I can't wait to balance the rest in better for some MC audio and movies!

Ken Taraszka, MD
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