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Unhappy Dual ATSC Tuners?

When will we get HD TVs with Dual ATSC tuners? I had a Sony HD 50" LCD for 30 days (Circuit City's return policy, you see) in the summer of 05. My podunk cable company (Advanced Cable Communications) had installed a grand total of 4 cable cards, and I was user number 5. Well, we eventually got the cablecard going, and could receive a whopping 4 stations in High Def! If I used their box, I could get ALL 10 available!

(I ended up getting two sets of rabbit ears, pointed one towards Miami, and the other to West Palm Beach, inverted a coax splitter, and saw pretty good stuff.)

But PIP was only for the NTSC tuner, and changing channels via the ATSC had a noticable delay, and the picture went black between channels.

I'll keep my current LD dinosaurs until Feb 17, 2009. I refuse to get a cable box. (Actually, I would need 8 of them.) I want my dual-tuner ATSC PIP.
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