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Default Re: Will Meridian make an HD DVD player?

Imagine what this is doing for the guy who bought it at BB and now his wife and kids can't play ROTSS on it! He looks like an idiot, and if he doesn't realize he needs a firmware update... Well...
That is not the consumer purchasing either HD DVD or BD right now. I don't see why this fact is continually ignored.

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
David, hit eject, push play, thats all it should be. period.
And 18 months from now that will be the norm. We ALL knew that there would be growing pains as profile 1.1 comes along in addition to more advanced use of java. It's not a big deal. We're early adoptors. If anyone is "surprised" by having to run an occasional update at this stage of the game they've clearly not been reading even a modicum of conversation about HD media over the past 2 years... since these evolving issues have been known all along.

Here's another shock. Some of your existing hardware doesn't have HDMI 1.3 and won't decode DTS HD MA either. Does that surprise you too?

Or were you planning on purchasing another BD/HD DVD player within a few years once the technology is fully settled and when prices come down? Most of us... both those who've purchased HD DVD and BD hardware, have been educated about the evolution of these technologies and aren't having a problem. I'm sure if tri-layer HD DVD media really makes it to market... these same "just push play" blu-ray protesters wouldn't have anything negative to say about needing to buy a new HD DVD player in order to play 51GB HD DVD discs... rather they will probably praise Toshiba for letting progress march on. Or are we prepared to play fair and give both formats equal room to grow?

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