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Red face Naming of hard drives

We have a LONG STANDING tradition of naming hard drives here at

We have cycled through most of the names in the Simpsons, Spinal Tap and The Sopranos.

Right now I have drives named - Johnny Sack, Mich Shrimpton and Doug Llewelyn (the reporter from The People's Court).

On a Mac you can cut and past a gif from say Photoshop or Image Ready and click the drive ONCE. You then hit APPL+I for "get info" and single click the drive icon in the upper left corner. You can then APPL=V "paste" the image onto the drive so that if you want a head shot of Ronnie James Dio on your so-called drive - you can have it.

Now THAT is PC Convergence!!!!
Jerry Del Colliano
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