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Default Re: Kenwood KRF-X9992D


I saw that, but could really care less how it looks inside.... Open up some of your components someday if you want a scare. Of note, that site say nothing of sonics, I found one review in a British mag that was pretty happy with it in fact they rated it higher than a Denon with a model # I am totally unfamiliar with and some other receivers costing more.

I will give my best sage advice....

If you like how it sounds, and in this case, if the price is right, and you want it, buy it and enjoy. You can always upgrade.... Moose posted while I was doing some research and getting another beer (Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale BTW.... if you haven't had it, don't drink to many it's 9.6% alcohol by volume!) so I am a little behind.

It sounds to me like you are trying to get into this on the cheap, and if your friends deal is so good as you said the speakers would be worth more, then get it for now and upgrade as you go.... that is part of the hobby anyway!
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