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Default Re: Kenwood KRF-X9992D


First let me welcome you to the forum! You'll find lots of info and plenty of help here.

How did you find us??

I googled the receiver, the only sitings I found were british and german. Is your friend from across the pond?? This may not have been an American unit, but I could be wrong. It seems it came out in somewhere ~2000, offers 5x130 wpc amplification and does DD, DTS and even 6.1 formats, which is kind of bizarre as it only offers five channels of amplification.... It offers 2:1 component video switching, so you likely will eventually need an HDMI switcher, but they are easy to add in and available so no huge deal.

As for price, the list I found was for 1,700 British Pounds (If my memory serves me the pound was ~ worth $1.25 then) just for an idea so it might have IF it was sold in the states gone for maybe between $1000-$1500 for a ball park.

Sorry I can't be any more accurate, I just don't know.... and this is a loose approximation at best so please don't quote me on this!

FWIW If he is a friend, and the deal is really good, then it will be a starting point. Like I said, for video, you likely will want to have an HDMI switcher down the road (maybe you need one now, I don't know) but they can be added. You will NEED a center channel, but JBL has been making speakers for years so you likely can find one that matches pretty well. Outside of all the new audio formats on Blu-ray and HD DVD you would be pretty well set for DVD, you could even use either HD DVD and/or Blu-ray just by using the digital outputs/receiver inputs. FWIW this is how many of us are currently using them as this technology is in it's infancy right now....

You can always upgrade later as you see fit.

Ken Taraszka, MD
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