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Default Re: Breaking in my Revel Salon2's!!!!!

Originally Posted by J.J. View Post
How do the Revel's compare to the Wilson's? Both are my dream speakers! I'm jealous!!!
Its too early to come out with anything specific.

The bass on the Revels are better/deeper. The look and finish on the Wilsons are better. The Wilsons don't need as much power. In my room the Revel's are taller which helps for the stadium seating (only 6 inches)

I need to do some more listening and I spoke with Bob Hodas who is coming to town soon and will tune my Revels. My Wilsons were all dialed in with EQ for my room. The Revels will have that soon too.

In the end - its like "what is better the Porsche or the Ferrari?" How do you answer that? The Ferrari is more sexy. The Porsche doesn't break as often. For me, I am just blessed to be able to have owned them both.
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