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Default Kenwood KRF-X9992D

Hey there,
I just joined the forum because of my re-emerging interested in Home Audio. I have a friend that is offering to sell me the following for a good price.
Kenwood Receiver; KRF-X9992D
JBL Powered subwoofer
2 towers
2 rear shelf speakers (JBL)

i have been looking and can't find hardly any information on the receiver above. Does anyone have any information on this? I can't even find one for sale anywhere to get an estimate as to how much they run to buy. I know the powered subwoofer and speakers alone are worth what he wants, but I am mainly interested in the Receiver as that is what I need to replace the most. Any help would be appreciated as to what its worth or what your opinions are on it.

Thanks in advance.
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