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Thumbs up Onkyo NC-500

I bought the Onkyo NC-500 NetTune music server when it came out a few years ago. Software runs on my "always on, Uncle Bill willing" computer, and the Onkyo hangs off a hub hooked up to a switch (all at 100mbs). I used some ancient ripping software (Audio Catalyst, only seems to run on my W98 box) that would let me merge side 2 of Abbey Road into a single track. Anyway, I have all 500 of my CDs on a Raid-1 (mirror) configuration, as well as other things I have picked up along the way.

The file format was easy to figure out, and I have a VB6 program that lets me manage the lists a little better than what Onkyo supplied.

The display is now dead, so I have to use its video out through the Reciever, and to my TV to control it.

I don't use its AM/FM capabilities, and its Internet stations were too inconsistent. Perhaps I'll re-visit this in the future.

I keep reading the reviews for media servers, and also redundant NAS, but nothing seems worth it to me..... yet.
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