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Talking Re: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer needs firmware updates as well....

I have never had a disc refuse to play or do anything other than play correctly, yes I get updates every now & then from Sony on my PS3 & I download them, I'm expecting one tonight & I'm guessing that will take care of any problems with Spidey so when I put it in tomorrow it works with no problems, oh yea I'll also have more functionality than I did before the update.

I'm not going neutral right now because I can only think of a few titles I want to see that I can't get on Blu-Ray right now like Gran Prix (scheduled to be out on Blu-Ray soon) Batman begins & King Kong.
As long as Blu-Ray has more support from the studios I'll wait before getting a HD-DVD player & I will continue to upgrade my firmware when it's offered & continue to have no problems watching movies, & as a plus the next gen video games are simply amazing in HD on my 70" XBR2!!
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