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Default Re: Today's Worst Bands...

Originally Posted by mrmusic View Post
If someone likes Chicago or Madonna or Zamfir or Gene Autry, if millions of people like them, that means ... millions of people like them. Not a damn thing more. It's a popularity contest, and they've won. But it has nothing -- nothing -- to do with artisitic merit.
Ah yes... the "artistic merit" that only an "expert" can properly assign!

Which reminds me of the time that Rolling Stone critic Jon Landau described the first Led Zeppelin US concert as "loud, violent and often insane"... adding that "Zeppelin's enormous commercial success, in spite of critical opposition, revealed the deep division into a clearly defined mass taste and a clearly defined elitist taste."

if some guy has spent 30 yrs haunting galleries worldwide, after getting his masters from the Sorbonne in Fine Art Curating, and is trusted by the LA or NY Times to represent them day in and day out with opinions and reviews that are constantly nit-picked-over by every expert reader out there, I figure his opinions, based on an incredibly higher exposure to everything there is, are more valid than mine, based on my yearly visits to LACMA. If he insists something is great, inspired, and I don't see it, I'll look again.
And hopefully you "looked again" back in 1969, when Robert Hilburn also trashed the first Led Zeppelin album, in his scathing LA Times review.

Perhaps there is some merit to the old proverb...

Throughout the history of time, no one has ever constructed a monument for a critic.

You're not a music "critic"... are you?

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