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Default Re: Today's Worst Bands...

mrmusic, thank god for your daughter. But she is a rare breed indeed. And why? Just like I said, YOU introduced her to our music, she listened, and was taken in like we were. And, that is another thing, Who, I mean Who listens to music anymore? Its on the i-pod, but who is really listening?
When we came up, despite doing young people things, partying, sports, whatever, we actually went home and said, yea, I`m going to get a brew or a pint, go home and LISTEN to music or some tunes. FOR HOURS!! Door for room locked, music blasting, or headphones on. Actually KOSS 2 +2 quadraphonic headphones with a stereo/quad button and volume controls on the earpiece!!
But today, its about, I have more songs on my i-pod than you. Not, did you check out that riff on Stanley Clarke`s album? That is whats wrong with today. No one spends time listening to music. Its in the background. Everyone is on AIM and MYSPACE!!
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