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Default Re: Musical in-wall speakers on a relative budget.

Originally Posted by EricPU View Post
Its been a long road but I had better get out and buy something before she changes her mind again. What am I saying, women never change their minds

I'm going to put the HT room on hold for now so I have the entire budget ($5K to $6K) for the stereo setup.

So start with speakers you say, THAT should only take me a bloody year of research knowing me. I need a cheat sheet otherwise I'll be wanting to audition every speaker ever made in my price range. I was thinking of spending up 2K on speakers, 2K on pre/amp and 1K on CD player. Does that sound ok, if I'm buying new?
Sorry, forgot to mention 1K on sub, giving a total of 6K max.

I like warm laid back speakers, love vocals, everything from Joni Mitchell to Coldplay.
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