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Default Re: Musical in-wall speakers on a relative budget.

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
WOW the misses caved easily! Nice win, how much did it cost between dinner, wine, possibly jewelry/flowers... Still got the same budget?!

First a transport requires a DAC, you want a CD player.

Second, separates are better, but will add components and cost more. We are still planning on a receiver for the HT plus second zone right? thats several more speakers and a receiver as well to cover... and the Krell 400 isn't a bad integrated, in fact I'd probably take that over Rotel separates, but that is my opinion....

I guess the first thing you need to do is start deciding what speakers you like, and will fit into your room. You then can pick how much power (what amp) you might need to power them... Then add the sub and a good CD player and you're done, with the one room....
Its been a long road but I had better get out and buy something before she changes her mind again. What am I saying, women never change their minds

I'm going to put the HT room on hold for now so I have the entire budget ($5K to $6K) for the stereo setup.

So start with speakers you say, THAT should only take me a bloody year of research knowing me. I need a cheat sheet otherwise I'll be wanting to audition every speaker ever made in my price range. I was thinking of spending up 2K on speakers, 2K on pre/amp and 1K on CD player. Does that sound ok, if I'm buying new?
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