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Default Re: Will Meridian make an HD DVD player?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Blu-ray has been out for ~18 months now and we still are seeing problems with every new big hit. Imagine what this is doing for the guy who bought it at BB and now his wife and kids can't play ROTSS on it! He looks like an idiot, and if he doesn't realize he needs a firmware update... Well...

One issue I have is as a MAC user, I have SO much hassle to get these on line! I have to go back to PC's to open stuff, then as the only PC I have doesn't have a DVD burner in it I have to go back to my MAC and copy it to a DVD-R. It's a huge headache and one I've never had with an HD DVD PLayer. Toshiba in fact mails me the new updates when they come out.

Does ANY Blu-ray maker do that??? Pretty sure not as I've owned most of them.
Again kennyt, I agree. David, I really don`t understand why you do not see this as a problem. One thing though is obvious, it seems, that the SONY PS3 is the most reliable Blu-Ray unit on the market. Why? I don`t think we know, but maybe if you want to go the Blu-Ray route, SONY should push its own unit. Until they can do something to limit these updates.
David, hit eject, push play, thats all it should be. period.
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