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Unhappy Re: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer needs firmware updates as well....

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Well, got my copy from Netflix the other day and guess what?

It won't play in EITHER my Sony BDP-S1 or the Samsung BDP-1200, BOTH need firmware updates to play it!!!!! I tell you, every day I grow less enchanted with Blu-ray and am starting to gravitate towards HD DVD. At least the players I have from them WORK!
This is what I`ve been saying kennyt. Sure, as a help and customer service tool, firmware updates have its place. But a simple function like just playing a movie. Should be no problem, no drama. How many movies is that now with Blu-ray? I`m sorry, I agree with Andrew, its a big mess. Uncalled for.
The impending marriage of more computer software and electronics, I don`t know how good this is for the AV industry. Which already, at least in the high end community, is losing its retail stores, but yet wants more market penetration from other main stream customers.

Scenario: Coming home from work, tell your family your buying SPIDEY 3, by chips, soda and wings for the occasion. Get home, family eager to watch, place SPIDEY 3 in your unit. Screen says NEED UPDATE, half hour later, long faces and disappointment, not good.
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