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Default Re: Best movies for Halloween chills?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
OK, the Exorcist scared the living poop out of me when I was a kid, and it's still pretty good.

Want a film to freak you out? Not true classic horror, but it is horrid... Requiem for a Dream, just thinking of this movie gets me... I boughtand watched it then the wife heard about it and wanted to watch it. I told her she'd have to do it alone (I later caved, and it was easier than the first time but...)

Don't have the kids around for this one folks....
Yes, Exorcist bothered me also. Because, until you get to the end, it seemed that evil, triumphed over GOD. Plus, all the strange stuff that happened on the set to Liinda Blair, fires and such.
Though a sci -fi movie, one of the best made in recent times I believe, shock value was good, the original "Alien." But kennyt, you mentioned a while back I think Requiem. What is it about, is it an old black and white film like Hitch****?
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