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Default Re: new guy,out of the loop

Hey guys,
selling all in the gear and getting a kick butt reciever seems to be the way to go.I was looking at some of the Denon models,and seems you can get all the latest stuff for a reasonable amount.On the JBL's,yes I have some $$ in them,I have heard opinions from boths end of the spectrum about them,is there something inherently flawed with them Jerry?,they can go if they have to,into the "old speaker room ,along with mt AR TSW 510's,and the old Starks,I bet no one has heard of them.Yes ,I am suffering from mixed speaker issues,center is an M&K 750
rears are AAD's cant remember the model #,tall thin mid size towers ,34 in tall or there abouts,I had the speakers before I decided to get a little more serious and ger the Rotel gear.The system as a whole sounds pretty good to me ,but needs some room correction badly.Is there currently a reciever out that stands out as way ahead of the herd in performance in my price range?

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