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Default Re: Will Meridian make an HD DVD player?

Yes, I feel BR has some obvious advantages, but so far the software transfers to HD DVD have in general looked better.

the high-bit-rate AVC transfers on BD average noticably better picture quality than the low-bit-rate HD DVD transfers in general. Check out Dan's editorial piece at He even tallies the scores from other review sites to support his very careful and objective observations. Dan has a 1080p Ruby and has been completely format-neutral and taken great pains to make the most accurate observations without bias (and yet BD still, on average, is showing an improved picture quality over HD DVD).

I think I am one of the only ones here who is in favor of Blu-ray, though with all the BS I've been putting up with trying to keep firmware up to date with each new movie release I must admit I am starting to switch camps...

The HD DVD players I have work, some very slowly, but they work.
My PS3 plays all discs flawlessly. Dramatizing the rare need to apply a firmware update to play a particular title is suggesting a problem when no real problem exists. Anyone serious about appreciating the advantages of BD would be glad that BD-J issues are quickly and rapidly being worked out, and any need for updating will become a non-issue with the majority of hardware within 18 months.
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