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I started reading several of the threads and decided to compete my registration and add some comments. I work for a broadcast facility and spend way too much time working with HD and SD content. In doing so, I have the opportunity to work with and view many different levels of monitors. I have a 32" Sharp Aquos in my office, with 3 new 40" Samsung LCDs, and dozens of smaller Marshal LCDs in my work area. As you can imagine, we go through a lot of monitors in this business. While I am not ISF trained I am very experienced at setting up all sizes and brands of monitors and tvs. Our engineers trust me to calibrate every new monitor we get. I also have a small home theater design and install business I do in my spare time. At home, I have a new 1080p front projector in my theater.
I have set up and calibrated three different Vizio monitors in the past 18 months. As many have already posted, these are not the "best" panels available and suffer slightly with a few performance issues. However, with a little calibration work you can make these panels look extremely watchable. Hard to beat for the money. My parents are building a new home and I am buying them a new flat panel house warming gift. The Vizios are currently at the top of my list simply because of their incredible value.
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