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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

While it can be a chicken or egg argument I will agree with those that say Speakers are the most important part of your system.

When I bought my Paradigms in 1994 I paid as much or more for them as I did my Sony ES receiver & CD player.
New technology has long since made the receiver & CD player obsolete, in fact I've been through 2 other CD players & 4 other receivers but am still using the same Paradigms, and with each new source they sounded better & better.
I have a spot in my rack ready for a new HDMI 1.3 receiver as soon as one is released that meets my needs & I'm sure the Paradigms will be ready for the new source!!

I am saving $$$$ for new speakers (Paradigm Studio v4's) & will use the same logic that worked so well before & I'm sure they will last another 14 years.
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