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Talking Re: Price vs. Performance

[QUOTE=Robinson_A;494]yes but if I have a $20K source and play them through a Sony boombox's speakers you have to agree that the cheap speakers are impacting the sound more than the player. No source can make bad speakers sound good. Where as there are speakers that make even bad sources sound palpable.

I see your argument and understand and even agree with your point. However, speakers do play a large part in your systems overall sound.

I would argue that more than speakers or your source, it's your listening environment that is going to make the most difference in your overall sound. I agree and disagree with the above statement that having been a Cedia installer for over 10 yrs,you can compensate for poor room acoustics but cannot make up for loudspeaker deficiencies.Induction Dynamics,a small loudspeaker company out of Kansas makes some of the most involving speakers I have ever heard and they are absolutely tolerant of most any listening environment you can put them into.They aren't the most inexspensive speakers around ,but oh how they sing no matter the room.
Paul Polackin/QUOTE]

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