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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system


I am intrigued by your experimentation with cat 5 cable. I was first introduced to the concept at this site, I have always been a proponant of diy tweaks and since I don't have the money to throw at every ready made product I need in my system, I considered this a very viable alternative to spending hundreds, (who am I kidding), on a speaker cable upgrade. And then I read further. My problem, if you can call it that, is that I need very long runs for a couple of my surround spkrs, like 45'. Even my front pair require 22' lengths. The author in the link above clearly states his recomendation that runs not exceed 8'.

As an EE, what's your take on this?

Those who have tried cat 5 cleary believe they have a superior sounding product and I am inclined to believe that based upon the scientifically proven principles upon which this cable theory is derived, they are correct. I wish I could hear a demonstration....

The daunting aspect of this project for me would be to construct almost 250' of the cable. In addition, as a result of the increased capacitance of the cable, I am told I will need to create Zobel networks for all I haven't done it yet.

I am a diy person and love a challange but I have a family that I enjoy spending time with even more. Base upon your experience, can you provide an estimate of the amount of time I will need to set aside? It took me a year to complete my theater but I actually had lots of help from my wife and daughter so it became a family affair. probably not so braiding cables.

my theater in my wife's house, (my wife's really good to me!):
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