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Talking Re: new guy,out of the loop

I am wanting to make sure I have at least the minimum ,to upgrade to one of the high def DVD formats.I have a Sony NS75H upconverting DVD along with the Rotel 1060 DVD player.The JVC TV is 1080i native,I can notice a slight difference with the Sony player.I dont want to run into a big OOP's' like when I got my first STEREO VCR,darn ,shows my age there.Anyway,thats when I figured out no stereo TV/no stereo VCR LOL,I can run the playere straight to the TV using a HDMI to DVI adaptor.I think I an alright ,just want to make sure.I was a twicea day reader of this forum back when I got the Rotel stuff.
Also,I was looking at some of the Denon recievers,forget the model #,for about $1100 and it had all the Farougha (sp) video circuitry,do you gain very much with this type ,running video through the reciever and scaleing,upconverting etc.Would it be enough difference to dump the Rotel and go for something like that?
Are the tanklike but perfect JBL's just the wrong type of design for the newer audio HT stuff vs speakers made for HT duty.For music the JBL's sound awesome,heck ,they were $1500 a pair in 1980! I just cannot believe that I could get much better without spending a bunch.

thanks guys,just after doing a little reading I realized that there is a LOT of new Home theater toys out there!

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