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Smile Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system


Nice post. I can totally see your side of the story and I probably agree with a lot of it. I guess (as several others have written as well) I have always believed that you need to try the cables in your own system. If they make a big enough difference, buy them, if they don't.... don't.

What gets me is that if it is possible to hear the difference between different amps, preamps, receivers or speakers, why would it not be possible to hear the difference between cables? Please don't give me a lecture on the design of amps and speakers. This is more of a hypothetical question.

I do belive in double blind testing. But what demographics and how would you randomize them? Now I can see that someone in the general public and not a musician that does not intensely listen to recorded music for a hobby may have a hard time picking up differences between cables in a blinded test. But if you listen for fun and get to know your recordings and equipment very well, why is it so far fetched to believe that people can hear a difference from changing cables on their own system that they are very familiar with? I know that I have favorite recordings that I have listened to for more than 20 years. I know them well, and I know how they sound in my system and I know if something changes when I switch components or cables.

Dale Pitcher a friend of mine and designer of several speakers, preamps, amps and now cables, once told me he has a photographic memory when it comes to sound! Is this possible Doc? I suppose it could be? If he does really have one, it has served him well, because the stuff he puts out is simply amazing.

How well your system can resolve the recording has a big impact on how much you difference you can hear when swapping out cables as well. I doubt if you would hear changes that rival switching out one or two components if you did not have the speakers and electronics that were of very high quality.

I guess in the end both sides of the arguement are correct. Was it Henry Ford, Ben Franklin or Al Frankin that said " One man thinks he can, one man thinks he can't...The're both right"?
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