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Post Re: Predictions for Sopranos

My Predictions:

The show opens with scenes showing people getting ready for a Fourth of July celebration.

Melfi is consumed with guilt over her apalling and unacceptable behavior, she washes down a bottle of Valium with a bottle of vodka on OD's

With Fireworks going off in the background Phil and those closest to him are located and brutally murdered, Phil is chained to a metal fence and forced to watch as the fuse burns down on a firecracker stuck in his mouth.

A.J. Will succeed at killing himself - good riddance

A hysterical Carmela calls Tony to tell him she found A.J. dead in the he shower.

Tony rushes to the "not so safe" house where Carmela and A.J. are and enters the house through the back door.

We hear the him calling out Carmela' s name as the door closes behind him the house explodes.

Agent Harris sits in a car parked on the street and watches.

Meadow's finds out she pregnant and is on her way to share the news with her mother, as her car rounds the corner and turns on to the street the house blows up in front of her.

One year later.....

Meadow has taken over as head of the MOB and has her own show ...Meadows Law

Her first order of business is taking out agent Harris.


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