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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

For those who still think that cables/interconnects make a diff. in sound in any way shape or form and don't belive in double blind testing etc., and that I don't know what I'm talking about as an MD Eye Ear Nose/Throat Doctor..and those who fall into the category of, "Don't confuse me with the mind's already made up"..and those who are living in this 'Mythical' world of make believe: I still have a check here for $100 that has yet to be collected/cashed!!!!! 4-5 Diff. Cities (Job related) 4-5 diff. Audio Clubs..setups anyway they wanted..thier choosing, etc., etc.,..NO TAKERS! Not Mythical? I reiinterate as per my post: look at the names of the products these companies are putting out! Go through an issue of Stereophile and/or The Absolute Sound! It boggles the mind!!! Right out of Greek or Norse etc., Mythology! And you know what? They know exactly who they're appealing too and how to label thier "magical" products! Anyone remember the "Dice CLock" situation a few yeras back? (a cheap Alarm Clock radio form Radio Shack that when placed in the same room as your equipment made a HUGE diff. in sound LOL! Must be electron propagation/zero point/ super-string theory stuff huh?) Or maybe Nikola Tesla inspired Free Energy beaming!
Or how ,bout the green felt marker pen around the edge of a CD making a HUGE diff? LOL! They (Sterophile/Absolute Sound) all heard a diff.! Certainly no one here (I hope) believes this BS? How 'bout the putting coins (don't remember what kind or how much change) on top of your speaker cabinets making a big diff in sound! Or the little plastic risers they sell (or used to) that kept your cables a few inches off the ground and out and/or away from the Earth's Geo Magnetic Field for cleaner sound! LOL! ROFL! I rest my case! Spend your money any way you want! Then when you spend $1000/meter on an Interconnect..damn right you'll hear a diff. You'd better..after what you spent huh???? I not posting any more on this I've learned over the years you will NEVER change peoples minds with facts based in reality! I know I will hear from poeple who _DID_ hear the diff. lthe little clock made..or the green felt pen or the coins on the speaker cabinets! God Bless 'em! This is America and we can believe in anything we want..and then GO AND SPEND OUR $$$ ON IT! God Bless! ( And get your hearing checked if over 50; a lot of people don't realize they're loseing part of thier hearing! Doctors orders!<G>)!
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