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Default Re: California Wildfires Affect Home Theater Business

FinanceBuzz - good to hear from you on the forum. Have you been a long time reader or did you find us another way?

I agree with your point about the cost of having to fight a war on terror. That is NEVER cheap. Personally, I would have rather seen every school in the country rebuilt or a MASSIVE student loan aid program go into place but Osama didn't think that was such a good idea.

My problem with the war is. Bush Sr. knew NOT to take over Iraq and Sr. is still alive. Cheney and W - are OUT OF THEIR MINDS for picking this fight.

For my 2 cents - I would have used a nuke in Tora Bora if I thought I could wipe Osama off the planet. Personally, I think they wanted to keep the conflict going. Religious reasons, helps big companies (think about their past lives) and protects our buddies in Saudi Arabia who without their Oil - our economy goes in the TANK and FAST.

Lastly, Clinton GREATLY benefited from the tax revenue boost that came from the dotcom boom. The shame is both for the country and CA - we spent EVERY YEAR like it was 1999. It is not and might never be that heady again.

And one more point as to why Clinton is much more of an American than W. Clinton has said in MANY interviews - that his greatest regret was not getting Osama when he had the chance. Now - that type of move would have been illegal BUT.... in retrospect is would have been worth it. If you remember the Kerry Bush debates - when W was asked about any regrets in his first four years he said "none". You HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME - you are PERFECT? Look at the scoreboard. The economy is flat at best. We have been attacked at home. The world hates us and you are perfect? As Frank Sinatra once said "never trust a man that doesn't drink"
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