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Default Re: Politics and AV - a perfect match

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
During the Clinton admin we had a budget surplus. Now we are mired in debt. The world respected us and we were working towards Middle East peace. Now we are hated everywhere ESPECIALLY in the Middle East.
Regarding the surplus, we did because we had a Republican Congress that held the line on spending. Unfortunately, (and much of this blame goes to Bush and recently exited Congress) that did not continue. However, we did have real expenditures associated with fighting a war on terror. Which brings me to the point about our perception in the Middle East. I do not want us to be hated, but I am not interested in being popular, I am interested in defending this nation against those would attack and kill our citizens. If that causes some in the Middle East to dislike us, that is a byproduct we have to live with.
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