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Group, I haven't tried the Vizio, but alot of the panels display artifacts in the picture when connected to
a cable or dish type tuner when connected via the HDMI type connectors. I have been told that the issue is
support for VGA and an issue with overscan that displays a green line at the top and/or bottom and other nasty
items. Also, most non-prime time programming is either still 4x3 or run widescreen in a box.
Currently when dealing with HDTV (Olevia Syntax 37" LCD), I have skipped a paying per month and am currently pulling that
programming over the air using a Samsung HDTV tuner and a high-gain antenna. Since, I assume that I
am not alone, it would have also been nice to compare external HDTV tuner/antenna combos when evaluating
a TV/monitor. FYI, I run the RCA outs of the HDTV tuner into a Krell KRC-3 preamp, which would be nice if
I knew why makes a HDTV or external tuner with XLRs. Thus, buyer beware. This little system has the krell KSA 100s amp with rotating
sats of Infinity Modulus, Watts, and Revel Gems, with a SunFire Sub. My two cents..
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